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grupa kierunków
typ uczelni - Polska  
status uczelni  
Lublin, Polska

Doctoral Studies in Literature and Linguistics

Język wykładowy: angielski Studia w języku
Grupa kierunków: humanistyczne

A four-year doctoral (Ph.D.) programme in literary studies, cultural studies, and linguistics, with English as the language of instruction. Specific areas of specialization include:  American literature, American culture, American film studies, British culture, British and American cultural history, media studies, cultural theory, Jewish studies, Polish literature from Middle Ages to the 18th c., Polish culture from the Middle Ages to the 18th c., religion in Poland, general linguistics, cognitive linguistics, English linguistics, historical linguistics, gender linguistics, language and culture, translation studies, phonology, phonetics, applied linguistics, foreign language methodology, computer-assisted language learning.

The programme is offered to Polish and non-Polish nationals, holders of an M.A. or an equivalent degree in philology, literature, literary studies, cultural studies, linguistics or a related discipline, obtained from a higher-education institution in Poland or in other countries. Holders of M.A. degrees in other disciplines can also apply but must produce a list of their publications and/or other kinds of academic achievement in the areas specified.

A fluent command of English is necessary (European C2 level). This is taken for granted in the case of graduates of programmes in English; graduates of programmes in other languages must produce a relevant statement/certificate.

Additionally, the applicant’s command of English will be verified during an interview.

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